” NetEnt challenges Evolution Gaming with the introduction of Perfect Blackjack”

” NetEnt challenges Evolution Gaming with the introduction of Perfect Blackjack”

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Award-winning game developer NetEnt is king when it comes to producing innovative high quality slot games. The game maker creates both slot games and casino table games and other online casino products. Despite the high quality of NetEnt’s live casino games, the game developer must accept that he is not the market leader in this segment. Evolution Gaming is ranked # 1 on the market for live casino games, and NetEnt is keen to challenge that position. To this end, NetEnt recently launched the live casino game Perfect Blackjack in partnership with Rank Group. It is considered the industry’s first online live casino product and will be launched at Grosvenor Casinos.

What is NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack?

Perfect Blackjack is a live casino game where you get cards according to the perfect blackjack strategy. The house edge has been reduced to 0.5 percent, which equates to a return to the player rate of 99.5 percent. In this live blackjack version, your cards are issued according to the perfect blackjack strategy, which increases the pace of the game. As a player, you choose your option for automatic splitting or doubling and you can decide whether you want to automatically play hands or hold hands and rejoin when you find the right moment for yourself.

NetEnts Perfect Blackjack was first introduced at the 2019 edition of the ICE summit in London. According to Andes Rengifo, the director of NetEnt Live, Perfect Blackjack is a true industry first for live casinos. “We believe that this game will appeal to players of all abilities, whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, who are interested in a blackjack intro and want to learn more about their strategies.” Perfect Blackjack was developed in collaboration with the Rank Group, which operates Grosvenor Casinos, where Live Perfect Blackjack will initially be available exclusively. With the launch of this new live blackjack game, the innovation bar for live casino games will be raised. Not only is it expected to appeal to seasoned gamers, it’s also an educational game that could make it easier for new players to try live online casino games.

What does Evolution Gaming have to do with it? 

NetEnt is an award-winning game developer considered a top maker of slot games. However, NetEnt is not the market leader in the live casino games segment. Evolution Gaming only produces live casino content and is the number one player in the development of live casino games due to this focus and an excellent design team. At the ICE 2019, Evolution Gaming unveiled no fewer than 10 new online casino live games to raise the bar on live game innovation and consolidate its position as market leader.

Evolution Gaming recognizes that it is not only competing with other casino game developers, but also with other segments of the entertainment industry such as TV, YouTube and Netflix. Developing live casino games that can compete with these forms of entertainment is an ambitious goal. When this goal is achieved, it will most likely increase the stature of evolution and put pressure on the competing game developers to raise the bar even further.

Challenge Evolution Gaming to No. 1 in the live casino game market is not an easy task and will require a lot of effort and concentration from NetEnt. The launch of Perfect Blackjack could be the start of a race that develops games and can only lead to better-quality games that keep players entertained. This race will keep all game developers busy and can only lead to even better games.