Mega Fortune slot review

Mega Fortune slot review

Gamers probably know the TV version of Wheel of Fortune. There are now several casino game versions in physical and online casinos. Top game developer NetEnt has created a version called Mega Fortune. The game has one of the biggest jackpots available on an online slot game. This casino game features a 5-reel, 3-reel, and 25-payline video slot. The slot is available live or on laptop, desktop and mobile phone.

With NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, players can win $ 50 Rapid Jackpots, $ 50,000 Major Jackpots, or Millions of Mega Jackpots – that’s life-changing money for the lucky winner.

How is it played?

Wheel of Fortune is similar to other 5-reel slots that players are probably familiar with, although the layout is slightly different. Users simply select the value they want to set and click the knob. The goal is to arrange symbols with different symbols in a row that have different values, results, or low cost. There are also bonus rounds that can be unlocked when the player turns a wheel to win a prize. There are two mini-games, one has higher prizes than the other and is not surprisingly harder to unlock than the lower game.

With NetEnts Mega Fortune, yacht symbols are a wild symbol and can stand for most other symbols. Multipliers from 2 to 5 are activated by the champagne symbols. In this game, it’s the Mega Fortune Wheel you want, as three of them unlock the Fortune Wheel, where a player can win with jackpots or bonus coins.

Tips to Master Mega Fortune

There are not too many tips or tricks to improve your chances of winning while playing Mega Fortune. As with all slots, everything depends on the luck and randomness of the spins. Pure coincidence will give you the big, high-paying symbols, so good luck getting them. One tip, however, is to bet low enough to fight through a few bonus rounds. That way, you have a better chance of making bigger profits, and you do not have to spend all your credits before you reach a bonus round.