Wild Circus slot game review

Wild Circus slot game review

Red Tiger Gaming’s Wild Circus casino game is a slot game in fancy red and gold. It is characterized by a circus and animal theme as well as by the use of mini-games in its design. The slot machine features 5 reels with 40 paylines, a tiny minimum bet of £ 0.20 and a modest maximum payout of 2,000x.

Nice looking medium variance slot

Wild Circus is not extremely volatile, but it’s not a low-risk slot machine either. Most online casinos, such as Leo Vegas, offer a variety of slots with different ups and downs. Wild Circus, for its part, is fairly balanced: you can see big and small payouts, but generally you will not see the massive swings that other slot games could offer.

As such, it can be good to start playing Wild Circus with your mind open. You can win or lose big, but although you can really see any number of results, they tend to average. The good news is that Wild Circus has a very small minimum bet of 0.20. Because of this, Wild Circus can give players who normally hold low-risk slots a taste of what it’s like to play riskier.

Wild Circus Bonus Features

Where Wild Circus sets itself apart from other casino games is the number and frequency of mini-games. There are five in total, which is equivalent to the number of rollers. You will often see them by nature. Because to really win, you want these mini-games to be displayed, sometimes twice per turn.

If you receive three Penguin Scatters, you will receive either a cash prize or some free spins. Some of the free spins are “Jester Spins” with a spreading wild symbol (monkey). Or you get one of three mini-games:

  • Strong Man – a clicker game where you click on harder and harder weights
  • Bear Tightrope – Use this feature to place a bear and watch as it collects falling money
  • Fire Breather – a bonus game in which you choose a torch and see how much you win

Playing and Understanding Strong Man and Bear Tightrope are the keys to success here. Strong Man has much better payouts than Bear Tightrope. However, both offer slightly more player control than Fire Breather, which is mostly as random as the slots.

Players who love to shoot as much and as fast as possible may not like Wild Circus so much, as the mini-games often appear. When you receive them, be sure to find helpful guides to play.

Overall, Wild Circus offers a lot for low risk players who want to try something with more variance. It is especially suitable for players who like minigames.