What is social Gaming?

What is social Gaming?

Social gaming is a fast growing trend in the gambling industry and while many casino players enjoy it, not all understand it. What is social gaming? -And what are some of the most exciting social gaming platforms?

Basic of social gaming

Social gaming is the playing of online games that offer, allow or require social interaction between players. If you want to start social gaming, these major UK online casinos are a good choice.

This is completely different from pure gambling: log in to a casino site or visit a land based casino and play a slot in solitude.

Social Gaming is conquering the world like a hurricane and huge companies like Facebook, Snapchat & Twitch are fighting for the stock. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has expressed a desire to join the social gaming world and offer its users a range of games. Facebook is expected to add its own gaming tab in the main menu for easy access.

“The goal of creating the Games tab is to make it easier for users to access streamers, gamers, game content, and various game groups.” – Facebook on social gaming It is rumored that Snapchat is immersed in the field of social games. Snapchat is reported to be debuting at an event in April.

Twitch – the king of social gaming

Twitch is the king of social gaming. Here you will meet the most professional players in the world. At Twitch, players stream while playing games in various casinos and tournaments.

They even teach their viewers gambling tips. Do you suspect that you are a good player? You can create an account with Twitch and stream your casino gameplay.

Most popular casino social games

  • Multiplayer Video Slots for a Shared Progressive Jackpot – Play multiple players to collect collective points for a single progressive jackpot they share in equal shares.
  • Multiplayer Competitive Slots – Different players in a room play against each other to win a coveted prize.
  • Multiplayer Table Games – In an online room, there are many tables that an unlimited number of players can participate in, such as: Roulette, blackjack or poker like in a land based casino.

How to plan a casino gaming night with social gaming

  1. Set a date and invite people to join.
  2.  Prepare the room / house with a casino-like decor, including lights, music, and seating .
  3.  Get refreshments, food, drinks etc.  
  4. Let your guests suggest a list of exciting multiplayer or multiple casino games. 
  5. Set the rules, eg. the bet limits on how many rounds a person can lose or play before completing the game  Set a board on which you record the scores. 
  6. Set a prize for the winners and a fun, painless punishment for the losers.
  7.   Play, enjoy and have fun!   
  8. Remind everyone to leave their feelings out – social gaming is all about fun.

Holla and waves to your friends and enjoys a number of multiplayer games in these top 10 online casinos in the UK and get many other bonuses!