Monopoly Live Review – A New Money Wheel by Evolution Gaming

Monopoly Live Review – A New Money Wheel by Evolution Gaming

After the great success of Dreamcatcher, Evolution Gaming has recently launched a new kind of money wheel with a fascinating Monopoly theme. It offers the opportunity to win more than 2000 times the stake in an exciting bonus round, which has already made the game incredibly popular.

Not only does the game bring excitement and epic wealth to the lucky ones, Monopoly Live is also extremely pleasing to the eye. Evolution Gaming has outdone itself in terms of visual appearance.

As a live casino enthusiast, one can say for sure that it is a very entertaining experience to try out. Apart from that, Monopoly Live has a big disadvantage: The RTP is generally much lower than what we are used to from online casino games today.

Read the full review below and we’ll tell you more about everything you need to know about Monopoly Live, including payouts and how the exciting bonus game works.
The basics of Monopoly Live

When you open Monopoly Live, you’ll find a talkative game host, a stunning monopoly design, and a huge money wheel with 54 different positions. A game round is easy. They rely on one or more of the six available options. The host turns the wheel while a charming monopoly guy sits comfortably in a chair and drinks coffee or reads a newspaper.

If you’re lucky, one of your bets will hit when the wheel stops. This can bring you everything from a smaller cash prize to a reward card, or trigger an incredibly lucrative bonus game.

Bet options and pay outs

Among the 54 segments that make up the Monopoly Live cash wheel, you will find the following positions:

  • Twenty-two represented by the number 1
  • Fifteen represented by the number 2
  • Seven represented by the number 5
  • Four represented by the number 10
  • Three represented by a 2-roll bonus
  • Two represented by a random card
  • One represented by a 4 roll bonus
  • With the exception of the greeting card, all these positions are available for betting.

The following list shows how much you can put on them, what they pay for, and how likely they are to reach each item type.

The bonuses are the most valuable positions because you can win more than 2000 times your stake if you hit one of these positions. However, the random maps can also be extremely rewarding. When you hit one of them, the Monopoly player randomly picks a card that gives you either a certain cash prize or a multiplier of up to x10.

If it is a multiplier, the leader turns the reel again and any winnings you receive from that spin are increased by the multiplier. For example, if you place a bet on number 10 and the card displays an x8 multiplier, it pays 80: 1 instead of 10: 1 when you hit the 10.

What’s even better is when the random-card multiplier spin follows another random card multiplier. This is rare, but in this case the two multipliers are multiplied together. At best, this would result in a massive x100 multiplier, which means that a bet on number 10 pays 1000 times the stake when hit.

The lucrative Monopoly bonus

The big highlight of Monopoly Live and what really makes it a great successor to Dreamcatcher is its bonus game. This is triggered each time the wheel stops at one of the two bonus positions, which is the average on every thirteenth pass.

The bonus brings you to a fantastic monopoly board that has the same positions as the famous board game we all know. All the properties on this board get a default insertion multiplier of x1 – x100, with those farthest from starting position GO paying the most.

Before the bonus starts, some properties are randomly chosen to increase their bet multiplier by placing houses or hotels on it. At best, the most valuable property, Mayfair, is worth 1000 times your stake.

Depending on the wheel position that triggered the bonus, it consists of two or four throws. As in the original board game, however, another roll will be rewarded if a double is rolled. Even if the two-reel bonus is triggered, it is possible to get many reels.

The bonus is very simple, as you will be rewarded with the Bet multiplier every time you hit a property. If you put £ 10 on the bonus position and the first roll takes you to King Cross Station, which could be worth 10x, you win £ 100.

In addition to the property rewards, there are also some other interesting things that can happen in the bonus and that can either be good or bad for you:

Landing in jail (bad)
If you land here, you will be sent to jail and have to double to get out.

Landing on a chance or community breast position (good or bad)
This will either give you a random cash prize or reduce your current winnings by a certain amount.

Landing on income tax (bad)
This reduces your current profits by 10%.

Landing on Super Tax (very bad)
This reduces your current profits by 20%.

Passing by (very good)
The Passing Go doubles all multipliers for the use of real estate, which can be extremely lucrative.

Final verdict of Monopoly Live

If you want to maximize your chances of winning, Monopoly Live is not the best option due to its RTP. However, we believe that it pays off to lose a few percentage points for the overall experience. It’s not just a beautifully designed game with visually stunning animations and a chatty moderator giving a fun show. The addictive bonus, which offers some interesting features and a huge potential, is also very exciting.

We give the game 9 out of 10 stars and will definitely come back to shoot it again!