Have a Blackjack Celebration with Celebrity Blackjack Party at Leo Vegas Chambre Séparée

Have a Blackjack Celebration with Celebrity Blackjack Party at Leo Vegas Chambre Séparée

Experience an unforgettable time at the Celebrity Blackjack Party, exclusive to Leo Vegas. Time to be a blackjack butterfly.

It’s a gala at Celebrity Blackjack Party Leo Vegas

It’s usually a good time to play in British online casinos with eye-catching lights and talkative conversations. -But it’s a whole celebration with this exclusive game at the Leo Vegas Chambre Séparée

Leo Vegas Chambre Séparée is a hub for table games with exclusive releases, some of which have not yet been experienced.

For a lively outburst in a blackjack house, the Celebrity Party variant is just the ticket for you! What about the casino sounds that you entertain and the atmosphere in which you can enjoy life? That’s definitely it.

If you want to spend your bet on a cheerful blackjack table, you can also choose this one. Everyone is at parties – from the dealers to your teammates.

Play for fun, recreation or socializing, whatever you want to call it. Fact is – Celebrity Blackjack is the game for a good time.

The story behind the name – Celebrity Blackjack Party

Behind every interesting game of blackjack is an experienced inventor or a television program. Well, celebrity blackjack came from later.

Have you ever watched or heard The Celebrity Blackjack TV Show? The game was aired between 2004 and 2005 by courtesy of Game Show Network.

Celebrity Blackjack Party is a show where various celebrities played tournament blackjack for charity.

While the minimum bet was £ 1,000, the maximum bet on the first 10 hands was £ 25,000. In addition, players had to increase their bets during the game by £ 1000. The insurance was worth £ 500! It may seem expensive, but that was the whole point of the show – collecting money for charity.

Each episode would involve 5 celebrities. Each of them started each tournament with chips worth $ 100,000 and played 21 blackjack hands.

During the time the show aired, she donated to charities including Animal Friends, Love for Animal Rescue, and the ALS Project, the Malibu Foundation for Youth and Family, Animal Avengers, Tribal Heart, and CARE & The Young Storytellers.

What is so special about Celebrity Blackjack Party

The focus of this game is to create a party feeling and give players the chance to have a good time. Think of it as blackjack suree, many ways to chat and play.

One of the most interesting things about the Celebrity Blackjack Party are the two dealers / croupiers: one who cuts and deals the cards while the other entertains you.

Juicy topics change as fast as the wind here – people usually talk about everything. Today you can sit down and see how they discuss sushi. The next day is all about the best Instagram filters and party spots in your city!

It’s impressive to have a charming dealer, but it’s better to have two friendly dealers to play and chat with.

You can always get involved in the conversation – even if you arrive late at the table and use the “Bet Behind” option to reserve a seat!

What players think about Celebrity Blackjack Party?

“I had never played a live casino game with two dealers until my friend introduced me to the Celebrity Black Party.” – Cannon

“There was a round this one time that started with a discussion about food, followed by parties, and then I knew that I joined a crazy wild game, I like it!” – David

“These dealers discuss everything under the sun … it takes the game tension and I can enjoy blackjack even more. Thanks, Leo Vegas! “- Evie

“After playing blackjack for years, I found the game quite strange at first, but eventually I got used to it and now I’m looking forward to seeing what people will discuss next.” – Alex

“It’s unusual to find such a vivid blackjack game with flawless streaming, and the live chat is fast and responsive, which makes me relaxed during my games.” – Malcolm