How does NetEnt’s Pro version differ from regular Roulette?

How does NetEnt’s Pro version differ from regular Roulette?

Have you played NetEnt live roulette Pro yet? Here is how this game differs from regular roulette and why you should play it today.


There are many live casino games. Live dealer interaction is the best way for online casinos to offer land based experience to all players. You can play against other players in real time while chatting with a charming dealer.

NetEnt’s Live Pro Roulette is such a game, but there is a slight difference. If you were given the opportunity to play European roulette, similar rules apply. Still, you’ll likely love the low house edge (2.7%), HD video quality, and impressive load time.

But what makes NetEnt’s Live Roulette Pro so special? What is it different from normal roulette games? Hurry up and find out in these top British online casinos!

Now, now, now, for anyone who likes to play for free, there’s a burden here – Live Pro Roulette doesn’t offer a demo game. But the experience is worth the pay and the game is worth it.

Look and feel

Live Pro Roulette is just like European Roulette, expect standardized table layout and rules. But the graphics are a little different. The game is set in lush surroundings – glossy floors, palm trees in the background and an exquisite seating lounge.

In the middle of the screen you see an elegantly dressed trader in an expensive half-coat. The chips are below and a close-up of the table is in the top left.

Special features 

  • You will play Live Pro Roulette with a 37-pocket wheel and high probability bets. 
  • The European-like wheel features numbers 1-36 and a single 0.
  • You will find the familiar layout where you could make standard inside and outside bets. Regular inside bets are allowed with payouts ranging from 5:1 for a six-line to 35:1 for a straight up.
  • The payouts are lower for outside bets due to the high outcome probability.
  • Red or black, high or low and even or odd pay 1:1
  • Dozen and column pay 2:1
  • The racetrack is there, but not visible by default. You must enable it to place neighbour bets. You can place neighbour bets on the standard racetrack; split into four parts. You can also make neighbour bets depending on the number of your choice.
  • However, all neighbour bets must not be more than five numbers (one main number and four neighbours).
  • The bet button is positioned in the stats billboard – a bit unusual but workable.
  • You will also love the variety of betting options, as they come with huge winning potential.
  • The user-interface is impressively mobile compatible. The game adjusts to both phone and tablet effortlessly and all game controls remain accessible.
  • The game has a low house edge of 2.7%, which is significantly good.
  • However, there is no button for special bets yet (which is more of an interface limitation than gameplay). But the rules allow you to make special bets manually. 

How does it differ from normal Roulette tables?

You need to play Live Pro Roulette with money to get a full experience. The rocket high of 97.3% RTP is quite impressive compared to other different roulette games.

If you’re wondering where to start playing Live Pro Roulette, these top 10 UK online casinos are a great place to start. You also have the option to receive additional bonuses and casino promotions.


NetEnt’s Live Pro Roulette is a special game. Once you are familiar with the rules and bet size, you can start playing well.

Yes, you cannot play the game in the demo version, but the game is worth paying for. Remember to use a roulette money management strategy and avoid tracking your losses with the Martingale system.

Just like European roulette, there are zero play, voisins de zero (neighbor from zero), orphelins (orphans), tiers and neighbors.

Beginners can hover around the rules at the beginning. You can familiarize yourself with the game by playing the demo for European Roulette.

Good news – Prime UK online casinos offer live dealer bonuses to help you play this game even when your account balance is low. The bonuses also allow you to play Live Pro Roulette without wagering a significant amount of money.